Piercing Price List and Age Restrictions

NOTE:  Prices *DO NOT* include cost of jewelry, aftercare, or sales taxes.

Ages are listed as the minimum age you need to be to get the piercing without parental/guardian consent.

Due to the numerous options for jewelry, it is impossible to list all jewelry prices.

For specific jewelry prices please call the shop.  Though we do also carry high--end jewelry that can range from $200.00 to $2,800.00

If you appear to be under 18 and are not with a parent, we will ask you for

GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID (School ID's, Birth Certificates, etc., will NOT be acceptable).  Some piercings may be done if parental/guardian is present, though consent is required, they must be there at the time of the appointment to sign our Release form.  Parents must bring photo ID, and some form of identification for their child.

We do not allow anyone other than parents or legal guardians to sign the Release Forms, (i.e.) aunts, uncles, siblings, etc.

Some piercings can be done underage with a parent, please call for a list of

acceptable underage (16 yrs. and under) piercings and prices, as prices may

differ from the listed prices on the website for some underage piercings.

Services marked 18, are 18+ only, we do not offer these services to anyone under 18 years of age, even with parental consent.

Our online booking does not allow our clients to finalize their booking, without confirming our ID policy.

Our Age restrictions and ID Policies are non-negotiable.

Please note all listed prices are "Basic Minimum Jewelry Cost", this could be CBR "ring" or basic studALL Piercings 10g or over - there will be a $10 extra charge.  Please use this as a guide only, though we suggest giving our expert reception staff a call to answer all of your pricing questions.

(we are super friendly)


We do pierce baby's lobes - 3 months & up - Sunday & Monday's ONLY. This appointment generally requires more time spent with the client and a specialized skill set from the piercer so, the service fee for any child under 10 years of age is $65.00 plus the cost of jewelry. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to call the shop and speak to the staff!

Service Price Basic Minimum Jewelry Cost Minimum Age
Ear Lobe $15.00 (per) +Jewelry Cost $30.00 (per) and up* 12/With Parent Present
$20.00 +Jewelry Cost

$30.00 and up*

12/With Parent Present
Forward Helix $30.00 +Jewelry Cost (each)

$25.00 for ring and up*

$45.00 for stud and up*


12/With Parent Present

Snug $30.00 +Jewelry Cost $50.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Tragus $30.00 +Jewelry Cost

$25.00 for ring

$45.00 for stud and up*

14/With Parent Present
Rook $30.00 +Jewelry Cost $25.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Conch $30.00 +Jewelry Cost $30.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Daith $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $30.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Anti-Tragus $30.00 +Jewelry Cost $50.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Eyebrow $30.00 +Jewelry Cost $30.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Nostril $30.00 +Jewelry Cost

$25.00 and up*

gold $70.00 and up*

massive gold selection

12/With Parent Present
Septum $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $35.00 and up* 18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Labret $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $60.00 and up* 16/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Vertical Labret $35.00 +Jewelry Cost

$60.00 and up*

16/With Gov't Photo I.D.

Monroe $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $60.00 and up* 16/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Lip $30.00 +Jewelry Cost $60.00 and up* 16/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Tongue $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $60.00 and up* 18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Nipple $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $30.00 and up* 18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Navel $35.00 +Jewelry Cost $60.00 and up* Gold $230.00 - $2300.00 14/With Parent Present
Industrial $40.00 +Jewelry Cost $70.00 and up* 14/With Parent Present
Dermal Anchor $40.00 +Jewelry Cost $65.00 and up* 18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
$35.00 to $50.00
+Jewelry Cost
$90.00 and up*
18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
$120.00 to $150.00
+Jewelry Cost
$60.00 and up*
18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Nostril Screw Downsize $20.00 12/With Parent Present
Downsize $20.00
Branding and Scarification,
Come to the shop
for a quote.
18/With Gov't Photo I.D.
Tattoo Removal Free Consultation
SeaClens Aftercare Cleaner $18.50
Funk Off Piercing Deoderant $16.00
Tegaderm Waterproof patch small $3.50 large $5.00
ColoPlast Collagen Gel $20.00


** All basic minimum jewelry costs are estimated with 316LVM

(implant grade stainless steel).  Due to the vast selection we carry,

it is impossible to list all prices as prices will vary depending on style

and material. **

All prices are subject to change without notice (Though we try not to do this :))

Pricing Info / Jewelry Info

Here at Tribal Expression we provide the finest quality materials and craftsmanship possible,
*We stand behind the work that we do, we guarantee the jewelry we use to
be free from defects, for ever.*
Tribal Expression runs a shop a little differently than most, we are not just a simple piercing shop,
though we have a complex background staff that supports the whole operation, up to 15 of us.
All of our piercers advance their piercing education yearly at the week-long APP Conference,
all piercing staff are blood-born pathogen trained, our in-house goldsmith has gone to
Alberta College of Art, and all machinist and CNC operators are certified.





Payment Methods

We gladly accept just about any way you'd like to give us your money.

Cash, Interac, and most major credit cards.  No cheques.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available YEAR round, at Tribal we always feel that

the "gift of pain" always makes for the best present :)


We Can Not Guarantee Rejection


Online Booking

Please show up 15 minutes before your Booked Appointment time to fill out paper-work and to select your jewelry.

Please Note: Some piercings are not available on certain days. All jewelry downsizes and consultations are now by appointment only.

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